Earthquakes: Shakemaps of heavy seismic events

The Swiss Seismological Service (SED) at ETH Zurich produces a ShakeMap for every earthquake recording a magnitude of 2.5 or higher. These maps provide a quick estimate of the ground motion generated by the quake and the effects relating to this. ShakeMaps present significantly more information than conventional earthquake maps, which only show the epicentre and magnitude. In the event of an

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Earthquakes: Shakemaps

Tags: Nature and Environment, Geology and raw materials, Earthquakes, Seismic activity
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Times: 1295, 1356, 1524, 1584, 1601, 1622, 1755, 1774, 1855, 1946
Distinction: Sierre, Stalden-Visp, Altdorf, Brig-Naters, Ftan, Unterwalden, Aigle, Ardon, Basel, Churwalden

Map objects: Aigle, Altdorf, Ardon, Basel, Brig-Naters, Churwalden, Ftan, Sierre, Stalden_Visp, Unterwalden