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Atlas of Switzerland 3

To mark the 50th anniversary of the National Atlas, the ATLAS OF SWITZERLAND 3 appeared as an interactive version on DVD, which again contained a wealth of new material and functions.

On entry to the Atlas, users first have the choice of various map views:

  • 2D mode separated into Switzerland and Europe
  • 3D mode as panorama, block diagram and the newly introduced prism map

When you open the theme menu, some 2,000 map themes are available in 2D mode, most of them also in 3D block diagram, panorama and 3D prism map forms.
A large number of new maps from theme areas such as transport, energy and communications have been installed covering Switzerland and Europe, providing cartographically processed interactive information about air traffic, road traffic, rail traffic, mountain railways, boat traffic, non-motorised traffic, commuters, primary energy, secondary energy, the energy industry and media distribution.
At the same time, most existing maps covering nature and the environment, society, the economy and the State and politics have been updated.