Theme trail: Planets

The planet trail is a particular type of nature trail featuring a scaled-down model of the solar system along the hiking route.As is customary, the planets as well as the sun are true to scale in size and distance along the route. Using the common “planet scale” of 1:1 billion, the outermost planet Neptune is located just under 4.5 km away from the sun. With inclusion of the dwarf planet Pluto,

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Planet trails

Tags: Tourism and Leisure time, Leisure facilities, Routes and Trails, Leisure time
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2019

Map objects: Aarau, Arosa, Bülach, Burgdorf-Wynigen, Disentis-Sedrun, Effretikon, Emmen, Falera, Frauenfeld, Kreuzlingen, Kreuzlingen Nord, Kreuzlingen Süd, Lägern, Landquart, Laufen, Le Locle, Locarno, Lumino, Marly, Monte Generoso, Morgins, Payerne, Ringgenberg, Saint-Luc, SIRIUS, SIRIUS (nach Heiligenschwendi), SIRIUS (nach Schwanden), St. Gallen, Uetliberg, Vispertal, Weissenstein, Weissenstein (über Althüsli), Weissenstein (über Hasenmatt), Willisau-Schötz