Nuclear power plants: status

The legal basis for Switzerland’s nuclear energy policy dates back to 1946 when Parliament approved the first resolution of the Federal Council concerning the promotion of nuclear energy. Legislation governing the use of nuclear energy was incorporated into the Federal Constitution in 1957, and the Federal Council approved the Atomic Energy Act two years later, on 23 December 1959. In 1978, the

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NPP: status

Tags: Economy and Energy, Primary energy, Nuclear power, Current supply, Energy
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2022

Map objects: AGN 201 P, AGN 211 P, Beznau I, Beznau II, CROCUS, DIORIT, Gösgen, Graben, Inwil, Kaiseraugst, Leibstadt, Lucens (VAKL), Mühleberg, Niederamt, PROTEUS, Rheinklingen, Rüthi, SAPHIR, Verbois