Important bird areas of international importance (IBA)

An effective way of conserving birds is to conserve their habitats. BirdLife’s Important Bird Area (IBA) Programme identifies sites that are particularly important and representative.The objective of the programme is – in each country – to protect the sites with the bird species for which the country in question has special responsibility from an international point of view. The programme takes

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Important bird areas IBA

Tags: Landscape and Space, Landscapes, Habitats, Environmental monitoring, Nature conservation
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2015

Map objects: Aletschregion, Augstmatthorn, Bodensee: Konstanzer Bucht, Bolle di Magadino, Grosses Moos und Stausee Niederried, Gurnigel, Heinzenberg-Domleschg-Safiental, Klingnauer Stausee, La Brévine et Les Ponts-de-Martel, Lac de Neuchâtel: Corcelettes–Vaumarcus, Lac Léman: Les Grangettes, Lac Léman: Rolle–Céligny, Lac Léman: Versoix–Hermance–Genève, Mattertal, Mont Tendre, Monte Generoso, Oberes Toggenburg/Säntis, Pays d’Enhaut, Piora-Lucomagno-Dötra, Rhône: Genève–Barrage de Verbois, Rive sud du Lac de Neuchâtel, Schwyzer Randalpen, Simplon, Tafeljura-Landschaft Baselland/Solothurn, Unterengadin-Nationalpark, Untersee-Ende und Rhein bis Bibermühle, Untersee: Ermatinger Becken, Val Bregaglia, Valle Maggia, Zentralwallis von Sierre bis Visp, Zürcher Unterland und unteres Thurtal