Federal game reserves of national importance (JB)

The 19th century must be called the low period for game in Switzerland. The red deer and the ibex had already been wiped out, and the chamois and the roe deer could only survive in small pockets. Although game reserves had already been designated in individual cantons in the 16th and 17th centuries, the institution of «game reserves» first became really useful in 1875, after the first Federal Law

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Federal game reserves (JB)

Tags: Landscape and Space, Landscapes/Habitats, Protected areas, Animals, Nature conservation
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2015

Map objects: Aletschwald, Alpjuhorn, Augstmatthorn, Bannalp-Walenstöcke, Bernina-Albris, Beverin, Bietschhorn, Campasc, Campo Tenica, Combe-Grède, Creux-du-Van, Dent de Lys, Dixence, Fellital, Grand Muveran, Graue Hörner, Greina, Hahnen, Haut de Cry/Derborence, Hochmatt-Motélon, Hutstock, Kärpf, Kiental, Le Noirmont, Les Bimis-Ciernes Picat, Leukerbad, Mauvoisin, Mythen, Pez Vial/Greina, Pierreuse-Gummfluh, Piz Ela, Rauti-Tros, Säntis, Schilt, Schwarzhorn, Silbern-Jägern-Bödmerenwald, Tannhorn, Trescolmen, Turtmanntal, Urirotstock, Val Ferret / Combe de l’A, Wilerhorn