Emerald sites: valuable habitats with a unique fauna and flora

Emerald is a pan-European network of protection sites aiming to conserve endangered fauna and flora as well as habitats. The survival of Europe’s natural heritage depends on countries working together across national borders, and the Emerald network project emerged from this knowledge.When Switzerland signed the Bern Convention, it made a commitment to protect European habitats and species that

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Emerald sites

Tags: Landscape and Space, Landscapes, Habitats, Environmental monitoring, Nature conservation, Leisure time
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2016

Map objects: Albionasca, Ardez, Belpau, Bonfol, Boniswiler-Seenger Ried, Chatzensee, Clos du Doubs, Colombera, Complexe alluvial du Rhône genevois, Etang de la Gruère, Finges/Pfyn, Flühli-Sörenberg-Habkern, Galgenmaad-Schribersmaad, God da Staz/Stazerwald, Grande Cariçaie, Hanenried, La Vraconnaz, Les Grangettes, Les Mosses, Monte de Brissago, Monte Generoso, Moore auf dem Rickenpass, Oberaargau, Pfäffikersee, Piano di Magadino, Piz Plavna Dadaint, Ramosch, Reusstal, Ruin’Aulta, Sèche de Gimel, Thurspitz, Tresa, Val Piora, Val Roseg, Valle Maggia, Vallée de Joux, Walenstöcke-Brisen