Depth maps for selected lakes

Switzerland’s many lakes are a major feature of its landscape. Many of these bodies of water owe their existence to Switzerland’s topography; in particular, the lakes in the Swiss Plateau formed during the various phases of glaciation and the shifting and depositing of loose rock associated with it. The countless dams and reservoirs in mountainous areas, some of which also hold enormous

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Lake depth maps

Tags: Nature and Environment, Water, Lakes, Hydrology, Landscape
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2023

Map objects: Ägerisee, Amsoldingersee, Arnensee, Bacino di Carassino, Bacino di Val Malvaglia, Baldeggersee, Bannalpsee, Barrage du Day, Bielersee/Lac de Bienne, Bodensee, Brienzersee, Burgäschisee, Chapfensee, Davosersee, Dittligsee, Gelmersee, Gerzensee, Gigerwaldsee, Göscheneralpsee, Greifensee, Griessee, Grimselsee, Gübsensee, Hallwilersee, Hinterstockensee, Illsee, Inkwiler See, Klöntalersee, Lac Brenet, Lac d’Emosson, Lac de Cleuson, Lac de Godey, Lac de Joux, Lac de l’Hongrin, Lac de la Gruyère, Lac de Mauvoisin, Lac de Moiry, Lac de Montbovon, Lac de Montsalvens, Lac de Morat/Murtensee, Lac de Moron, Lac de Neuchâtel, Lac de Salanfe, Lac de Schiffenen/Schiffenensee, Lac de Sénin/Sanetschsee, Lac des Brenets, Lac des Dix, Lac des Toules, Lac du Rawil, Lac du Vieux Emosson, Lac Léman, Lac Supérieur de Fully, Lag da Pigniu, Lägh da l’Albigna, Lagh da la Cruseta, Lago Bianco, Lago Carmena, Lago d’Isola, Lago dei Cavagnöö, Lago del Naret, Lago del Sambuco, Lago della Sella, Lago di Lei, Lago di Livigno, Lago di Lucendro, Lago di Lugano/Ceresio, Lago di Luzzone, Lago di Palagnedra, Lago di Poschiavo, Lago di Robièi, Lago di Vogorno, Lago Maggiore/Verbano, Lago Ritom, Lago Tremorgio, Lai da Curnera, Lai da Marmorera, Lai da Nalps, Lai da Seara, Lai da Sontga Maria, Lai dad Ova Spin, Lauerzersee, Lej da San Murezzan/St. Moritzersee, Lej da Segl/Silsersee, Lej da Silvaplauna, Lej Nair (Pontresina), Limmerensee, Lonza-Stausee, Lungerersee, Mapraggsee, Muttsee, Oberaarsee, Oberstockensee, Oeschinensee, Pfäffikersee, Räterichsbodensee, Rotsee, Safien-Stausee, Sarnersee, Schwarzsee/Lac Noir, Sempachersee, Sihlsee, Soppensee, Stausee Gebidum, Stausee Mattmark, Stausee Niederried, Stausee Roggiasca, Sufnersee, Thunersee, Totensee, Triebtensee, Trübsee, Übeschisee, Unter Meretschisee, Vierwaldstättersee, Wägitalersee, Waldisee, Walensee, Wohlensee, Zervreilasee, Zugersee, Zürichsee