Annual energy production of nuclear power plants

Against a background of ever-increasing dependence on primary energy sources, rising oil and gas prices and the obligation to reduce greenhouse gases, the role of nuclear energy in electricity production is attracting renewed attention. On the other hand, there are still long-standing concerns over the safety of nuclear energy and the disposal of nuclear waste from power plants. Some EU Member

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Nuclear power plants: energy production/year

Tags: Global Switzerland, Economy and Energy, Primary energy, Energy, Current supply, Fossil energy
Spatial extent: World
Times: 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015

Map objects: Agesta, Akademik Lomonosov-1, Akademik Lomonosov-2, Akkuyu-1, Akkuyu-2, Akkuyu-3, Akkuyu-4, Almaraz-1, Almaraz-2, Angra-1, Angra-2, Angra-3, ANO-1, ANO-2, Armenia-1, Armenia-2, Asco-1, Asco-2, Atucha-1, Atucha-2, AVR Jülich (AVR), Balakovo-1, Balakovo-2, Balakovo-3, Balakovo-4, Baltic-1, Barakah-1, Barakah-2, Barakah-3, Barakah-4, Barsebäck-1, Barsebäck-2, Beaver Valley-1, Beaver Valley-2, Belarusian-1, Belarusian-2, Belene-1, Belene-2, Belleville-1, Belleville-2, Beloyarsky-1, Beloyarsky-2, Beloyarsky-3 (BN-600), Beloyarsky-4 (BN-800), Berkeley 1, Berkeley 2, Beznau-1, Beznau-2, Biblis (KWB A), Biblis (KWB B), Big Rock Point, Bilibino-1, Bilibino-2, Bilibino-3, Bilibino-4, BN-350 Aktau, Bohunice-1, Bohunice-2, Bohunice-3, Bohunice-4, Bohunice-A1, BONUS, Borssele, BR-3, Bradwell 1, Bradwell 2, Braidwood-1, Braidwood-2, Brokdorf (KBR), Browns Ferry-1, Browns Ferry-2, Browns Ferry-3, Bruce-1, Bruce-2, Bruce-3, Bruce-4, Bruce-5, Bruce-6, Bruce-7, Bruce-8, Brunsbüttel (KKB), Brunswick-1, Brunswick-2, Bugey-1, Bugey-2, Bugey-3, Bugey-4, Bugey-5, Bushehr-1, Byron-1, Byron-2, Calder Hall 1, Calder Hall 2, Calder Hall 3, Calder Hall 4, Callaway-1, Calvert Cliffs-1, Calvert Cliffs-2, Caorso, Carem-25, Catawba-1, Catawba-2, Cattenom-1, Cattenom-2, Cattenom-3, Cattenom-4, CEFR, Cernavoda-1, Cernavoda-2, Changjiang-1, Changjiang-2, Chapel Cross 1, Chapel Cross 2, Chapel Cross 3, Chapel Cross 4, Chasnupp-1, Chasnupp-2, Chasnupp-3, Chasnupp-4, Chernobyl-1, Chernobyl-2, Chernobyl-3, Chernobyl-4, Chinon-A1, Chinon-A2, Chinon-A3, Chinon-B1, Chinon-B2, Chinon-B3, Chinon-B4, Chinshan-1, Chinshan-2, Chooz-A (Ardennes), Chooz-B1, Chooz-B2, Civaux-1, Civaux-2, Clinton-1, Cofrentes, Columbia, Comanche Peak-1, Comanche Peak-2, Cook-1, Cook-2, Cooper, Cruas-1, Cruas-2, Cruas-3, Cruas-4, Crystal River-3, CVTR, Dampierre-1, Dampierre-2, Dampierre-3, Dampierre-4, Darlington-1, Darlington-2, Darlington-3, Darlington-4, Davis Besse-1, Daya Bay-1, Daya Bay-2, Diablo Canyon-1, Diablo Canyon-2, Dodewaard, Doel-1, Doel-2, Doel-3, Doel-4, Douglas Point, Dounreay DFR, Dounreay PFR, Dresden-1, Dresden-2, Dresden-3, Duane Arnold-1, Dukovany-1, Dukovany-2, Dukovany-3, Dukovany-4, Dungeness-B1, Dungeness-B2, Dungeness Unit A, Dungeness Unit B, EL-49 (Monts d’Arrée), Elk River, Emablse, Emsland (KKE), Enrico Fermi (Trino), Fangchenggang-1, Fangchenggang-2, Fangchenggang-3, Fangjishan-1, Fangjishan-2, Farley-1, Farley-2, Fermi-1, Fermi-2, Fessenheim-1, Fessenheim-2, Fitzpatrick, Flamanville-1, Flamanville-2, Flamanville-3, Forsmark-1, Forsmark-2, Forsmark-3, Fort Calhoun-1, Fort St. Vrain, Fugen ATR, Fukushima-Daiichi-1, Fukushima-Daiichi-2, Fukushima-Daiichi-3, Fukushima-Daiichi-4, Fukushima-Daiichi-5, Fukushima-Daiichi-6, Fukushima-Daini-1, Fukushima-Daini-2, Fukushima-Daini-3, Fukushima-Daini-4, Fuqing-1, Fuqing-2, Fuqing-3, Fuqing-4, Fuqing-5, Fuqing-6, G-2 (Marcoule), G-3 (Marcoule), Garigliano, GE Vallecitos, Genkai-1, Genkai-2, Genkai-3, Genkai-4, Gentilly-1, Gentilly-2, Ginna, Golfech-1, Golfech-2, Gösgen, Grafenrheinfeld (KKG), Grand Gulf-1, Gravelines-1, Gravelines-2, Gravelines-3, Gravelines-4, Gravelines-5, Gravelines-6, Greifswald (KGR 1), Greifswald (KGR 2), Greifswald (KGR 3), Greifswald (KGR 4), Greifswald (KGR 5), Grohnde (KWG), Gundremmingen (KRB A), Gundremmingen (KRB B), Gundremmingen (KRB C), Haddam Neck, Haiyang-1, Haiyang-2, Hallam, Hamaoka-1, Hamaoka-2, Hamaoka-3, Hamaoka-4, Hamaoka-5, Hanbit-1, Hanbit-2, Hanbit-3, Hanbit-4, Hanbit-5, Hanbit-6, Hanul-1, Hanul-2, Hanul-3, Hanul-4, Hanul-5, Hanul-6, Harris-1, Hartlepool-A1, Hartlepool-A2, Hatch-1, Hatch-2, HDR Grosswelzheim, Heysham-A1, Heysham-A2, Heysham-B1, Heysham-B2, Higashi Dori-1 (Tohoku), Hinkley Point-A1, Hinkley Point-A2, Hinkley Point-B1, Hinkley Point-B2, Hongyanhe-1, Hongyanhe-2, Hongyanhe-3, Hongyanhe-4, Hongyanhe-5, Hongyanhe-6, Hope Creek-1, Humboldt Bay, Hunterston-A1, Hunterston-A2, Hunterston-B1, Hunterston-B2, Ignalina-1, Ignalina-2, Ikata-1, Ikata-2, Ikata-3, Indian Point-1, Indian Point-2, Indian Point-3, Isar (KKI 1), Isar (KKI 2), José Cabrera-1 (Zorita), JPDR, Kaiga-1, Kaiga-2, Kaiga-3, Kaiga-4, Kakrapar-1, Kakrapar-2, Kakrapar-3, Kakrapar-4, Kalinin-1, Kalinin-2, Kalinin-3, Kalinin-4, Kanupp-1, Kanupp-2, Kanupp-3, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-1, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-2, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-3, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-4, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-5, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-6, Kashiwazaki Kariwa-7, Kewaunee, Khmelnitskiy-1, Khmelnitskiy-2, Khmelnitskiy-3, Khmelnitskiy-4, KNK II, Koeberg-1, Koeberg-2, Kola-1, Kola-2, Kola-3, Kola-4, Kori-1, Kori-2, Kori-3, Kori-4, Kozloduy-1, Kozloduy-2, Kozloduy-3, Kozloduy-4, Kozloduy-5, Kozloduy-6, Krško, Krümmel (KKK), Kudankulam-1, Kudankulam-2, Kuosheng-1, Kuosheng-2, Kursk-1, Kursk-2, Kursk-3, Kursk-4, Kursk-5, La Blayais-1, La Blayais-2, La Blayais-3, La Blayais-4, La Crosse, Laguna Verde-1, Laguna Verde-2, LaSalle-1, LaSalle-2, Latina, Leibstadt, Leningrad-1, Leningrad-2, Leningrad-2-1, Leningrad-2-2, Leningrad-3, Leningrad-4, Limerick-1, Limerick-2, Ling Ao-1, Ling Ao-2, Ling Ao-3, Ling Ao-4, Lingen (KWL), Loviisa-1, Loviisa-2, Lucens, Lungmen 1, Lungmen 2, Maanshan-1, Maanshan-2, Madras-1, Madras-2, Maine Yankee, McGuire-1, McGuire-2, Mihama-1, Mihama-2, Mihama-3, Millstone-1, Millstone-2, Millstone-3, Mochovce-1, Mochovce-2, Mochovce-3, Mochovce-4, Monju, Monticello, Mühleberg, Mülheim-Kärlich (KMK), MZFR, Narora-1, Narora-2, Neckarwestheim (GKN 1), Neckarwestheim (GKN 2), Niederaichbach (KKN), Nine Mile Point-1, Nine Mile Point-2, Ningde-1, Ningde-2, Ningde-3, Ningde-4, Nogent-1, Nogent-2, North Anna-1, North Anna-2, Novovoronezh-1, Novovoronezh-2, Novovoronezh-2-1, Novovoronezh-2-2, Novovoronezh-3, Novovoronezh-4, Novovoronezh-5, Obninsk APS-1, Obrigheim (KWO), Oconee-1, Oconee-2, Oconee-3, Ohi-1, Ohi-2, Ohi-3, Ohi-4, Ohma, Oldbury-A1, Oldbury-A2, Olkiluoto-1, Olkiluoto-2, Olkiluoto-3, Onagawa-1, Onagawa-2, Onagawa-3, Oskarshamn-1, Oskarshamn-2, Oskarshamn-3, Oyster Creek, Paks-1, Paks-2, Paks-3, Paks-4, Palisades, Palo Verde-1, Palo Verde-2, Palo Verde-3, Paluel-1, Paluel-2, Paluel-3, Paluel-4, Pathfinder, Peach Bottom-1, Peach Bottom-2, Peach Bottom-3, Penly-1, Penly-2, Perry-1, PFBR, Phénix, Philippsburg (KKP 1), Philippsburg (KKP 2), Pickering-1, Pickering-2, Pickering-3, Pickering-4, Pickering-5, Pickering-6, Pickering-7, Pickering-8, Pilgrim-1, Piqua, Point Beach-1, Point Beach-2, Point Lepreau, Prairie Island-1, Prairie Island-2, Qinshan 1, Qinshan 2-1, Qinshan 2-2, Qinshan 2-3, Qinshan 2-4, Qinshan 3-1, Qinshan 3-2, Quad Cities-1, Quad Cities-2, Rajasthan-1, Rajasthan-2, Rajasthan-3, Rajasthan-4, Rajasthan-5, Rajasthan-6, Rajasthan-7, Rajasthan-8, Rancho Seco-1, Rheinsberg (KKR), Ringhals-1, Ringhals-2, Ringhals-3, Ringhals-4, River Bend-1, Rivne-1, Rivne-2, Rivne-3, Rivne-4, Robinson-2, Rolphton NPD, Rostov-1, Rostov-2, Rostov-3, Rostov-4, Salem-1, Salem-2, San Onofre-1, San Onofre-2, San Onofre-3, Sanmen-1, Sanmen-2, Santa Maria de Garona, Saxton, Seabrook-1, Sendai-1, Sendai-2, Sequoyah-1, Sequoyah-2, Shidao Bay-1, Shika-1, Shika-2, Shimane-1, Shimane-2, Shimane-3, Shin-Hanul-1, Shin-Hanul-2, Shin-Kori-1, Shin-Kori-2, Shin-Kori-3, Shin-Kori-4, Shin-Wolsong-1, Shin-Wolsong-2, Shippingport, Shoreham, Sizewell-A1, Sizewell-A2, Sizewell-B, Smolensk-1, Smolensk-2, Smolensk-3, South Texas-1, South Texas-2, South Ukraine-1, South Ukraine-2, South Ukraine-3, St. Alban-1, St. Alban-2, St. Laurent-A1, St. Laurent-A2, St. Laurent-B1, St. Laurent-B2, St. Lucie-1, St. Lucie-2, Stade (KKS), Summer-1, Summer-2, Summer-3, Superphénix, Surry-1, Surry-2, Susquehanna-1, Susquehanna-2, Taishan-1, Taishan-2, Takahama-1, Takahama-2, Takahama-3, Takahama-4, Tarapur-1, Tarapur-2, Tarapur-3, Tarapur-4, Temelin-1, Temelin-2, Three Mile Island-1, Three Mile Island-2, THTR 300, Tianwan-1, Tianwan-2, Tianwan-3, Tianwan-4, Tianwan-5, Tianwan-6, Tihange-1, Tihange-2, Tihange-3, Tokai-1, Tokai-2, Tomari-1, Tomari-2, Tomari-3, Torness 1, Torness 2, Trawsfynydd 1, Trawsfynydd 2, Tricastin-1, Tricastin-2, Tricastin-3, Tricastin-4, Trillo-1, Trojan, Tsuruga-1, Tsuruga-2, Turkey Point-3, Turkey Point-4, Unterweser (KKU), VAK Kahl, Vandellós-1, Vandellós-2, Vermont Yankee, Vogtle-1, Vogtle-2, Vogtle-3, Vogtle-4, Waterford-3, Watts Bar-1, Watts Bar-2, Windscale AGR, Winfrith SGHWR, Wolf Creek, Wolsong-1, Wolsong-2, Wolsong-3, Wolsong-4, Würgassen (KKW), Wylfa 1, Wylfa 2, Yangjiang-1, Yangjiang-2, Yangjiang-3, Yangjiang-4, Yangjiang-5, Yangjiang-6, Yankee NPS, Zaporizhzhe-1, Zaporizhzhe-2, Zaporizhzhe-3, Zaporizhzhe-4, Zaporizhzhe-5, Zaporizhzhe-6, Zion-1, Zion-2