Bowling alleys

In bowling, a bowling ball with three finger holes is thrown towards a formation of ten pins. Bowling is played on a wooden or plastic lane, which is covered with a thin film of oil as far as the final third. Bowling players wear special shoes which have a special sliding sole made from Teflon or leather. One game has a total of ten frames. In each frame, the player tries to knock down all ten

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Tags: Tourism and Leisure time, Leisure facilities, Fitness parks, Boules-type game, Precision sports
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2015

Map objects: 1001 Freizeitzentrum, Aemme-Bowling, American Bowling, BeSeCo Winterthur, Bowing Baregg, Bowling Bar Oberkulm, Bowling Bellach, Bowling Bienne, Bowling Café, Bowling Castel, Bowling Center Aarau, Bowling Center Basel, Bowling Center Buchs, Bowling Center Langenthal, Bowling Center White Line, Bowling Center Widnau, Bowling de Lausanne-Vidy, Bowling de Thônex, Bowling des Rottes, Bowling du Parc, Bowling Freizeit Center BFC, Bowling Interlaken, Bowling Ipsach, Bowling La Praille, Bowling Martigny, Bowling Marzili, Bowling Master, Bowling Meyrin, Bowling Miami, Bowling Muntelier, Bowling Sévaz, Bowling Sports Bar, Bowling Universum Dietlikon, Bowling Universum Kriens, Bowling Universum Root, Bowling West, Bowling Yverdon, Bowlingcenter Littau, Bowlingcenter Niederurnen, Bowlingcenter Schindellegi, Bowlingcenter Sursee, Bowlingcenter Trimbach, Cherry Bowl Sport, Congress Hotel Seepark, Dreispitz Bowling Center, ET12 Bowling, Freizeit und Sportarena, Freizeitpark Niederbüren, FriBowling, Fun Bowl Stockmatt, Fun Planet Brig, Fun Planet Bulle, Fun Planet Villeneuve, GoEasy Bowling, Hiwi Bowling, Joe’s Bowling Center, Jona Bowling, Kolibri Bowling Erlebnispark, La Croisée des Loisirs, Landhus, Le Bowling, Micro-Bowling, Motel Gottardo Sud, Olympica, OZ-Bowling, Palazzo Bowling, Planet Bowling, Play-Off, PrestigeBowling, Pro Loco Bowling, Rock and Bowl, Rössli Muttenz, Rubigencenter, San Fransisco Bowling, Säntispark, Serlas Parc, Sorell Hotel Arte, Sport- & Freizeitcenter Rex, Sportcenter Sonnmatt, Sprisse Billard & Bowlingcenter, Swiss Holiday Park, Time Out Bowling, Van der Merwe Center, XL Bowling